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Mavis Tire Coupon for 2013

If your shopping at Mavis discount tires than you should be aware of this great offer. For the beginning of 2013 Mavis has a special offer that will entitle the customer to get $70 off a select set of Michelin brand tires. This is a special promotion ran between Michelin and Mavis Discount Auto for 2013. The offer is good from the beginning of the year all the way up until the end of March, 2013.

It actually very simple to qualify for this special offer. All you have to do is purchase your new car tires from a Mavis Discount location. Save your receipt and use it to fill the details in on your Michelin tire rebate form. Once you have all the information properly filled out you'll have to send a copy of the receipt and the form to the rebate center. Within a few weeks you should expect to get your $70 back from Michelin. Sometimes these offers come back in the form of a credit card that you can use just about anywhere. Just make sure to read the offer in its entirety.

Michelin_rotater_Mavis_3-13-13It would be a shame to pass this great offer up so make sure to take advantage of this as soon as possible at your local Mavis Discount Tire. Mavis is a very great service center that can provide many other services to your car other than tires. When you use this 2013 Mavis Discount Auto Rebate know that your employing two very great companies, Mavis and Michelin.

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