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Tire Coupons and Sales

If your shopping for a new set of tires than your probably looking to try and save as much money as possible by bargain hunting for sales, trying to find tire rebates or finding printable tire coupons online. With the power of the internet it’s much easier these days to find great deals on just about anything. If this is the first time that you’re shopping for tires than you’re probably surprised at how expensive a set of them can be. Even for just basic tires a set of four can easily run you over $400 after balancing and mounting. This site has been setup to help you find the best deals on tire for your cars and other automotive related services. If you have heard about a deal and having trouble finding it you can feel free to contact us with any feedback.

We do our best to scour the internet and other places to find the most up to date deals on car tires. If there is a specific brand of tires that you’re looking for and we don’t have a deal on our site than there are some other places you might want to check out.

Tire Coupons


The places you can find tire coupons are pretty endless. If you get the newspaper everyday than you should flip through the automotive section and see if you spot any ads. Almost every week you can almost guarantee that one of the top tire retailers like Pep boys, Firestone, Mavis or even Walmart will have coupons that you can cut right out and take into the store. For example Pep boys has a well know coupon that will give you a free tire when you buy three at regular price. Other stores will offer you package discounts or maybe even throw in a free oil change with the purchase of car tires.


The manufacturer’s website is another great place to check out for tire coupons. It might be a hassle but if you have an idea of hat brand tire your buying or where you’re going to buy it than it might be in your best interest to look for the deals section on that manufacturers site. It’s very common for the manufacturer to have printable tire coupons for anyone that’s looking.

Try going into the store and ask the sales person if they have any coupons available. Many times a manufacturer will have coupons and rebates available right at the counter. The manufacturer will than reimburse the retail location for the tire coupon that they provided you.


Tire Rebates


Tire rebates are very similar to tire coupons except that you don’t usually see the savings immediately. When you use a rebate you will have to pay the retail location the price of the tires and then they will usually provide you with a rebate form. You have to fill out this rebate form, copy the receipt and mail them both in to the manufacturer. Within a few weeks the manufacturer should send you the advertise amount of that rebate.

You can also find rebates for tires in the same places that you find your tire coupons. Tire rebates can be found on the manufacturer’s website, newspapers or most commonly at the retailers location. If you’re having a hard time finding the tire rebate for the brand of tires you’re looking for than you can call the retailer directly and ask them if there is a current offer or rebate. You can also make a call to the manufacturer. Sometimes the manufacturer may even send you some type of discount just for showing interest in their brand of tires.

Tire rebates are by far the most popular way a manufacturer gives back to the consumers. The amount you can save from a tire rebate is usually much more than a good sale or tire coupon. Also don't let your tire rebate stop you from using a tire coupon. In most cases a coupon is good at a retailer and the rebate is offered by the actual manufacturer. Why do the manufacturers offer such great tire rebates Its because so many people fill out the form and never even mail it in! Its a sorry fact but those of you that get reading this must please not forget to complete your form and mail it in for your savings. Manufacturers also offer even more savings if you use there credit card and sometimes even donate money from your purchase to good causes. Take a look at some of the popular manufacturer rebates we have to offer.


Goodyear Rebate

Michelin Tire Rebate

Firestone Rebate

Hancock Rebate

Bridgestone Tire Rebate

Dunlop Tire Rebate

Continental Tire Rebate

Finding Tire Sales

Finding tire sales is the easiest of getting deals on tires. You can find advertisements for tires just about everywhere. All of the places that have coupons and tire rebates will also have current offers and sales. You could also flip through circulars and magazines. Many times you will find advertisements in automotive magazines for online tire retailers like tirerack.com and discounttire.com.

Find tire sales and coupons from popular tire retailers

There are so many tire shops both on and off line. Depending on where you live there are many tire retailers that service specific locations. these aren't mom and pop shops but they are large enough companies to offer some great discounts on tires and even have their own mail in rebate forms. Its also a good idea to see if they'll give you a discount if you combine your tire purchase with an oil change or brake job.

Coupon codes for tires

Finding coupon codes for tires isn’t very easy. It’s much easier finding printable tire coupons that you can take into your retailer. This is because when you buy your tires online the price I usually very discounted. Online retailers don’t have the same overhead costs as a retailer so they are able to discount their tires. They can also discount their tires because they sell them throughout the Unites States and sell much more quantity than a local mom and pop brick and mortar tire store. The biggest down fall to buying tires on the internet is that you can see the tires in person and making a return is a pain. Sometimes you will see coupon codes that you can use to get a great deal on tires that you buy online.

Buying tires

Saving money is great and heck.... everyone loves to get a good deal but we strongly urge you not to buy your tires solely based on the price. You must keep in mind that your car tires are what’s between you and the road at very high speeds. There are important thing to take into consideration when you’re buying your tires. There are great sites all over the net that can provide you with extensive reviews on just about every brand and style tire. Keep things in mind like weather, performance and handling. If you like somewhere north where it’s cold and you get lots of snowfall that you might want a good all season tire that performs well in the snow. If you’re an aggressive driver that constantly drives at higher speeds and makes quick turns than tires that have very high ratings in performance and handling should be of your main concern.

Tires are extremely important for your car but when you have to buy them it might feel very burdensome. In many cases having to buy new tires for your car will come unexpectedly and you might not have all the money at your disposal. This is why its great that your able to find printable tire coupons, rebates for tires and even find out when a highly rated tire that caught your attention goes on sale. If you need a 12v Solenoid Valves you wont find one here!

Find Tire Coupons and Rebates by retailer

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Get Tire Rebates from your favorite manufacturers

That's right! If you purchase tires from any retailer you can get money back directly from the manufacturer. This is one of the best ways you can save money on your tires. You usually just fill out the rebate for, copy the receipt and send it off to the manufacturer. In no time you'll have a check in your mailbox.